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Mòd Ionadail Shiorrachd Pheairt agus Aonghais (Perthshire & Angus Provincial Mod)

Welcome to the Perthshire and Angus Provincial Mod website.

The Perthshire & Angus Provincial Mòd is proud to support the Royal National Mòd in Perth 14-22 October 2022
Aberfeldy Mod

A wee note from Gilliain, Convenor of our own Mòd and Chair of the Local Committee for Mòd Pheairt 2022:
The Royal National Mòd, Scotland’s largest Gaelic Arts Festival, is taking place from 14th October – 22nd October 2022 & we are looking for volunteers to ensure that the event runs smoothly and efficiently. The event celebrates Gaelic language and culture and is fun, family friendly & offers something for everyone involved. We would be delighted if you wished to volunteer for this event, whether it be for a half day, full day or even more. We are sure you will enjoy your time!

For more information about volunteering at the Mòd please contact us: modpheairt22@gmail.com
To volunteer please click on the following link and fill in the form: modpheairt.com/volunteer-support/
Look out for more information about what’s on via the following websites:
An Comunn Gaidhealach www.ancomunn.co.uk/
Perth Mòd Local modpheairt.com/

We are delighted to be able to share with you some of the highlights from our Digital Mòd 2021.

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Mòd programme: Facebook Premiere
Our compilation Mòd programme featuring juniors and seniors will be premiered on our Facebook page (Aberfeldy Mod) and also on our Youtube channel at 2pm on Friday 26 November. Click on the link to watch then, or at any time thereafter:
Facebook (available from 2pm): Facebook

YouTube (available from 2pm): You Tube

Dà Shamhradh ann an Raineach le Graham Cooper: Two Summers in Rannoch by Graham Cooper Gaelic author Graham Cooper discusses and reads extracts from his historical novel Dà Shamhradh ann an Raineach

Click on the link to watch (available from 10am): You Tube

Read his article ‘Why Write?’ here: http://www.aberfeldymod.org.uk/mod2021.html

Gaelic in Historic Perthshire le Aileen Ogilvie Perth & Kinross Council Gaelic Development Officer Aileen Ogilvie gives an online talk about the influence the Gaelic language had, and continues to have, in Perthshire Click on the link to watch: You Tube

The Aberfeldy Mòd – a Welcome for our Online Visitors A light-hearted welcome to Aberfeldy Mòd and the surrounding Breadalbane countryside. Read the article here: http://www.aberfeldymod.org.uk/mod2021.html

Helen T MacMillan 1907 - 2007

Helen T (as she was known) was born on the Isle of Mull and went on to become a teacher of English and Geography in Glasgow.
Helen T won the Gold Medal at the National Mòd (Dingwall) in 1931 and was in great demand over the years as a singer, broadcasting regularly on BBC Radio Scotland. The novelist Neil Gunn is said to have described her as ‘beautiful, with the voice of an angel’. She returned to the National Mòd in Dingwall in 1991on her diamond anniversary to present the Gold Medal to Wilma Kennedy. During her time in Glasgow, Helen T was a long-standing member of Glasgow Gaelic Choir and in the 1940s became the first conductor of the Glasgow Islay Choir. She arrived in Aberfeldy in 1970 and soon began to teach Gaelic too. She became the Gaelic tutor of Aberfeldy & District Gaelic Choir, and with her attention to detail and attitude of taking no prisoners when it came to Good Gaelic pronunciation, she guided the choir to many a success over the years. Helen T was renowned for being firm but fair, and those who got to know her beyond that schoolteacher exterior found a warm and witty lady who was a loyal and generous friend. She returned to Glasgow in her early nineties to care for her sister who was in ill-health, and died in 2007, just a few months short of her hundredth birthday. The Aberfeldy Mòd has a trophy, ‘Cuach Clachmhòr’ in memory of Helen T, for the highest marks in Gaelic in senior choral singing.

Click on the link to listen to Helen T talking about life in Aberfeldy in an interview with Dr Hugh Dan MacLennan in 1985: Helen T

Click on the link to listen to Helen T singing ‘Caol Muile’ in 1959: https://www.tobarandualchais.co.uk/track/45855?l=en

More tracks by Helen T can be found at Tobar an Dualchais on this link: More tracks by Helen T

Helen T choir Photo

Petrine M. Stewart 1986 - 1991
The Perthshire and Angus Provincial Mòd is very fortunate to have three trophies in memory of the Stewart family of Rannoch and Aberfeldy. We would like to thank Petrine’s granddaughter, Lynda, daughter of Sheila and Struan, for kindly sending us some Stewart family photographs, and also to the Breadalbane ‘Comment’ magazine for allowing us to reproduce the article below about the Stewart family, first published in 2010.

Petrine, Thomas and Iain Stewart
The article speaks of Iain M R Stewart (Memorial Cup for solo singing, mixed voices) and his parents Petrine Stewart (Memorial Trophy for solo singing, children under 13 years) and Thomas M Stewart (Memorial Trophy for solo singing, male voices). As you will see, Petrine was a National Mod Gold Medallist in 1937. Her son Sgt Iain Stewart was killed in in WWII in Holland on 5th September 1942 aged just 20.

‘A copy of the December 2009 issue of the ‘Comment’ was sent to Sandy McLaren in Hawick, a descendent of Sgt Stewart’s uncle. He in turn provided a contact with Sgt Stewart’s 87-year old aunt Sheila, who currently lives in Dundee. Originally from Pitlochry, Sheila (whose father was janitor at Breadalbane Academy) married Sgt Iain Stewart’s brother, Struan, in 1949. From her it was learned that Iain had attended Breadalbane Academy and went to St Andrew’s University (she cannot remember what he was studying there). He and two other Aberfeldy men, B A Mathieson and McGregor who were also at St Andrew’s, all joined up together. Mathieson’s plane was lost over the jungle and never found, and McGregor was also killed. Iain had a small dog called Whisky which – against all regulations – he apparently took with him on some missions. But in 1942 he knew he was about to be moved to another airfield and so he left the dog with his parents on his last visit home, to be collected ‘next time he was on leave’. After his fateful last mission the dog lived with his parents and was much treasured by them.

Iain’s plane was hit and the crew began to bail out in rotation. Seemingly, the order in which this was conducted was changed with each flight. Iain had managed actually to bail out, but the plane exploded, and it is thought that he was still close enough to the plane to be killed by the blast. Iain’s mother, Petrine, was startled awake from her sleep at that moment, convinced that something had befallen her son. Iain’s body was discovered at the front door of a household in the town and the occupants buried him. Later he was reinterred in an official grave.

Petrine Robertson, a Gaelic speaker and singer of reknown, was born in Kinloch Rannoch and in 1937 was Gold Medal winner at the National Mod. She had married Thomas Stewart, who was a plumber in Aberfeldy. Tom’s father had seen memorable service during WW1 when he was driver for T E Lawrence ‘of Arabia’ in Palestine. In one episode of derring do, it is reported that he drove a truck under the second floor window of an hotel in Jerusalem, enabling Lawrence to leap onto its roof to escape capture. Petrine and Tom named their house in Aberfeldy’s Alma Avenue ‘Rouveen’, after the cemetery where Iain is now buried.

Immediately after the war Sheila and Struan Stewart visited Iain’s grave in Holland with his parents. Sheila and her husband subsequently travelled over on several occasions. Sheila believes there are photographs and documents about Iain which she will get her son to look out when he next visits her.’

Click on the link to listen to Petrine talk about her life in Rannoch and Aberfeldy in an interview with Dr Hugh Dan MacLennan in 1985: Petrine talk

Richard Deveria, author
Richard A.A. Deveria is an author based in Aberfeldy, Perthshire. He publishes in both Gaelic and English. Gaelic language titles include: Sealgairean nam Mucan-mara (Memories of the whalers); Ceilp: mar a thug an fheamainn cruadal is tomhais de shoirbheas dha muinntir na Gaidhealtachd (How the seaweed brought hardship and a measure of prosperity to the people of the Highlands) and A’ Chailc: Sgeul Gniomhachais Gàidhlig (The story of a Gaelic industry). Richard has also had several articles published in journals.

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