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  30 Reading at sight. Fluent speakers    
  41 Reading at sight. Fluent speakers      
  42 Reading at sight. Fluent speakers      
31 Reading at sight. Learners      
34 Poetry Recitation. Learners      
36 Storytelling. Learners      
  38 Gaelic conversation with adjudicator. Learners  
  Cuach Buidheann Ghaidhlig Bhlar Ghobharaidh      
    Learner with highest aggregrate in 31, 34, 36 & 38  
    Lochtayside Branch Trophy.      
  45 Words, phrases & expressions. Seniors & Juniors      
  82 Rogha nan Gaidheal. Most Accomplished Highlander      
    Song, Speech or Story, Dance or Play.Seniors & Juniors      
  41 Mixed, RAN MR  
  RAN MR. Men.      
  Crieff HA, N.Ewing Quaich Marina Macleod    
42 Mixed voices, prescribed, qualifier for A272  
Iain M. R. Stewart Cup (overall)      
Morag Murray Tassie. (highest mark in music)      
  43 Mixed Voices Former winners, own choice  
  Cuach Bhraghad-Albainn Julie Ann MacFayden Sandy Campbell Sandie Kennedy
44 Mixed voices, Learners, prescribed  
Euan MacDiarmid Trophy Julie Ann MacFayden Rena Gertz Sandie Kennedy/Katriona Sporkmann
  45 Ladies, own choice  
  Margaret Forbes McLeish Trophy Rena Gertz Marina Macleod Julie Ann MacFayden
46 Men, own choice  
T. M. Stewart Cup Ross Penman Sandy Campbell David Hanlon
47 Under 21 years. Own choice  
The Irvine Memorial Medal      
48 Mixed voices. Prescribed      
The George A Mathieson Memorial Cup Julie Ann MacFayden Sandie Kennedy Rena Gertz
The Willie MacDonald Trophy Julie Ann MacFayden Sandie Kennedy/Rena Gertz  
49 Mixed voices, Perthshire song (confined)      
MacLellan Weem Cup Katriona Sporkmann Sarah Macdougall  
50 Mixed, Duncan Ban MacIntyre/Skye/Sutherland song  
The James Grant Scott Memorial Trophy (D.B.MacIntyre)      
Marjorie McKenzie Wilson Trophy (Skye/Sutherland) Ruth Lunny    
  51 Mixed, Traditional Song  
  Crieff Bowling Club Trophy Cearaidh Nicfhionnlaigh    
  52 Mixed, Own Choice  
  The Jean Laurie Memorial Cup Julie Ann MacFayden Rena Gertz Sandie Kennedy
  55b Folk Group. 2 Pieces.      
  53 Kennedy Fraser arrangement with piano accompaniment.  
  Kennedy Fraser Trophies      
    Traditional Song - Men      
  57 James Grant Scott Trophy      
    Song by Duncan Ban McIntyre. Mixed Voices.      
  54 Mixed voices, Duet, own choice  
  Ogilvie and Falconer Trophy Julie Ann MacFayden & Ruth Lunny Katriona Sporkmann & Anna Webster Cearaidh Nicfhionnlaigh & Lyle Kennedy
  55 Mixed voices, Quartet, own choice
  The Michael Drury Memorial Trophy Gleusda Buidheann  
56 Folk Group. 2 Pieces. Gleusda    
  57 Choral Singing "puirt a'beul'.4 pt Harmony.  
  May Mitchell and Frances Matheson Cuach Lothain Gaelic Choir Cumbernauld Gaelic Choir Coisir Ghaidhlig Obairpheallaidh
  58 Choral singing, 4-part harmony  
  Westcroft Trophy (overall winner) Coisir Ghaidhlig Obairpheallaidh Lothian Gaelic Choir Cumbernauld Gaelic Choir
  Janet McIntyre Cup (highest marks in music) Coisir Ghaidhlig Obairpheallaidh Lothian Gaelic Choir Cumbernauld Gaelic Choir/Ceolraidh Ghaidhlig Dhun De
  Helen T MacMillan Cup (highest marks in Gaelic) Coisir Ghaidhlig Obairpheallaidh Lothian Gaelic Choir Cumbernauld Gaelic Choir
  59A Choral female voices      
  59B Choral male voices      
  63a Catherine Blair Trophy. Chanter under 13 Lennox Munro Annie Pointer Jaime Mulholland
  63b Bob MacNaughton Trophy. Chanter. March 13-16 Callum Fawcus    
  64 John MacKay Quaich. Novice Bagpipes. Under 18 Brodie Barrie Lucy Jamieson Isla Fletcher
  65 Davie Hutton Quaich. Pipes 4pt March Under 16 Archie McNab Annabel Charlton Cameron Stewart
  66 Duncan Kennedy Cup. M, S, R, under 18 Archie McNab Archie Clark Cameron Stewart
  67 Ernest Clark Trophy. Ceol Mor. Under 18. Archie Clark Cameron Stewart Jamie Willbourn
  66/67 Angus McDiarmid Prize. Best Aggregate in 66 & 67 Archie Clark    
68 March, Strathspey & Reel. 18 & over.      
John Fraser Prize. Best Aggregate. Graham Mullholland Finlay Clark  
Balnearn Trophy. Best March. Graham Mullholland Finlay Clark  
P/M Jock Spence Memorial. Best Strathspey & Reel Graham Mullholland Finlay Clark  
  69 P/M Wilkie Cup. Ceol Mor. 18 & over. Finlay Clark    
  70a Gaelic Song, Primary P3-P5 Lucy Franks Sophie Robertson  
  70b The John Sinclair Memorial Cup, Gaelic song P6-S1 Daniel Cowie Lindybelle Screen Keira Sainsbury
  71 Iain Reid Violin. Gaelic Song, Secondary S2-S4 Lauren Sainsbury Holly Bartlett Johanette Jacobs
  72 Alex H Ross Trophy. Strathspey/ Reel, S2-S4 Lauren Sainsbury Tia Douglas  
  73 Sandy Cook Fiddle. Slow Air & March, S2-S4 Holly Bartlett Lauren Sainsbury  
74 Dunkeld Strath/Reel Society Trophy, S5-adult Farrah Fawcett    
75 March/Strathspey/Reel. S5-adult Farrah Fawcett    
  74 Dunkeld Strathspey & Reel Society Trophy      
    Gaelic Song, Strathspey & Reel. 18 and over.      
  75 March Strathspey & Reel. 18 and over.      
76 Iain & Margaret Reid Salver. Fiddle group Ferryport Fiddlers    
  77 Highland March, Strath, Reel. 18 & over.